Friday, April 6, 2007

A backlog of doodles!

To start off, here's a flyin' monkey I scribbled out in photoshop last night. Not that crazy about the wings (and neither is he, apparently!)
Some photoshop paintin' practice.
Some older doodles I haven't bothered posting here yet: the cyclops rabbit is a somewhat older character of mine, created for my first lip sync exercise. The taller horned guy is a friend of hers whose personality I haven't really worked out yet (except to say he's mildly ashamed of being her friend)
Expression doodles! And a chair, for some reason...
More of the same characters: they find this mysterious fish critter in their fishtank, but it breathes air and they don't know where it came from. Margo (the rabbit) wants to fry it up, but Guillermo (the horned guy) wants to send it off to school. Margo agrees to not eat the little guy, but only if he works out her taxes.

I'll post more of these things later.

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