Saturday, June 9, 2007

photoshop and doodle junk

I watched a pretty terrifying (and depressing! hohoho!) speculative docu-drama about nuclear war the other night, so I painted a dog person gazing at the skies in fear! (Whenever I tell my friends "I can TOO draw cute things!" my subconscious is like "no, no you can't. Stop LYING")

jeez maybe if I didn't doodle so much I'd get more work done.
D: oh just what in the hell basically
That guy with four eyes? He's judging you. Judging you so hard!

The pteradactyl is positively appalled at this post!


Patach said...

ok, that's it. I quit drawing forever because you're too good.

Catherine Satrun said...

You're sooooo creative, and yes, you can do cute. Nice dog!!