Wednesday, August 8, 2007

character development

Working on some character design stuff for BJ's workshop - rocket pack platypus! First, a variety of body types:Rough action planning.
Some of my earlier sketches
This page is notable for a cameo appearance by characters from my senior animation class student film! Sally, as drawn by Graham, questions her existence! Bucky disapproves of everything!

I'm going to be honest: I really only uploaded this one for the image in the lower middle.
And here are some unrelated sketches!


Catherine Satrun said...

Cool!!! I like the head on the second page where there is a strong division between his cranium and his jaw. On the third page, is that a Joe M. head in there? LOL!! I love the little love story going on the sixth page!

Graham Sher said...

Curse your drawings and their ability to make me laugh...

They're all so MISERABLE

DrDoom said...

dude these look kick ass i sure hope your gonna you the platypus on the 4th page to the top left that one looks awesome

bjsblog said...

Wonderful sketches. Your character is moving really well in your animation test.