Tuesday, April 1, 2008

a hidden place


Patach said...

I see you've been using the brush tool in Flash.

It's my best friend and greatest enemy.

Caitlin Lehman said...

It's nice for getting this "I'm not really trying to crib Bill Watterson's style, honest gov!" thing going on, but whenever I want to make nice smooth lines the brush tool decides to freak out on me!

So, yeah. It's definitely achieved frenemy status.

Patach said...

All should be well, once they allow people to customize brushes in Flash.

You hear me Adobe? Do what Macromedia failed to do. Bring in custom brushes!

Seriously, I will kiss the founder of Adobe square in the mouth if custom brushes come to Flash sometime soon, maybe as a CS3 update? I'm not even kidding. I will. This is for real.

Patach said...

Ok, not for real. More metaphorical kissing of the mouth.