Tuesday, May 27, 2008

dragon animals (dragimals? no. NO!)

I started off doodling up some rabbit heads and then gave the central one a body and a lumpy tail.  It probably would have ended up as a dragon if I didn't (apparently) get distracted by something shiny that I flitted over to so I could add it to my nest of gaudy trinkets. 

Again with the dodos! I don't know why I have such an affinity for goofy-looking animals.  I think maybe animals with obvious structural problems trigger some kind of nurturing instinct in me, e.g: THAT DOG BRED TO HAVE A SMASHED UP FACE HAS RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS; I WILL HUG IT

(though it was island tameness, and not its inherent wackiness that contributed to the demise of the dodo. SO WIKIPEDIA WOULD HAVE US THINK)


Patach said...

And cartoons would have us believe the Dodo is a greenish bushy thing with an umbrella sticking out of its head.

Patach said...

I see you've been doing alot more sketches in Flash.


I mean, once it gets custom brushes... also a 3D camera... also IK handles... also a button that makes everything good.

Caitlin Lehman said...

Ha, yeah. It's a pretty darned good program to doodle in, though! I feel like working with it forces me to make decisions in character design, or something.

Patach said...

The utter thickness of the vector brush really does do that. It's like sketching with a pen... every line is so large and stark, you feel it's a duty to be conservative with your sketching.