Friday, July 18, 2008

backlog of doodles!

Some of these are brainstorming sessions that went NOWHERE, but now that I've rediscovered them (piling up in a stray folder on my computer at work)... well, we'll see. First up: cowboys and bunnies, and cowboy bunnies.
A guy (...well, uh, THING) with weird teeth, ARM! and some other crap.

Okay, there's an actual story behind this one. Potentially. I was thinking of making some kind of short cartoon starring Morrissey (of the Smiths) and a small dog. Morrissey is disappointed in his dog for not being a vegetarian, and wackiness ensues? (Why is there a question mark there? I SHOULD KNOW)MAGICAL DANCING SQUID.

A bunch of playtipusses. Platypi? Platypussen? Anyway, these are me revisiting an old character I came up with for an animation workshop.


Patach said...

Flash sketches FTW

seedoi said...

Morrisey a cartoon character HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA That's awsome!