Wednesday, August 20, 2008

some more animation

Here's some super rough stuff I've been working on yesterday and today. The timing's all off in some places and I need to change a bunch of drawings but HERE IS WHAT I HAVE SO FAR (hooray!)

I need to work on his reaction in this one.


/ovo\ Whoot Owl /ovo\ said...

The huggy one totally needs to snivel, burst into tears... and then eat it.... /ovO\

Dan Heit said...

Hi sorry to bother you but I really dig your work! I found your blogspot page through Alex Kosakowski's blog spot page. I'm an Art Director for a Chicago based company called Brain Hurricane. We're currently looking for a Flash animator making online games for kids. If you interested shoot me an e-mail with your resume at

Dan Heit
Art Director
Brain Hurricane