Thursday, June 11, 2009

some more watercolor stuff!

Jeez! I keep forgetting to post here. ANYWAY: I've got quite a bit of a backlog of stuff to post here - mostly watercolors, since I've been making semi-regular posts at about my work process* (okay, mostly WHINING about my work process, but that's what I do BEST) and that's where some of these are from.

After these I'll probably be using paper that's actually MEANT to be painted on, because this stuff, while some of it is nice, isn't cutting it anymore.

There is a story behind this one, sort of. Just aching to be told! You can pretend that in addition to being a cowboy mummy, he's also capable of turning invisible because that seems to be what's happening to his other hand there. Whoops!

This one is kind of old by now but I still like it! I like giving things irregular frames but euuuggh this would probably be better if I just cut it out of the surrounding paper and placed it on top of a darker piece of paper. (instead of simulating the effect in photoshop)
This is pretty new! From a couple of weekends ago, even. Both one of my best friends and my mom have the same birthday, so I cranked out a couple of cards featuring what else, dinosaurs and monsters. There's a bit of colored pencil on this sucker too.
Oh man. I really like how this one turned out, ignoring the atrociously shoddy text at the top of the card. Textured cardstock = THE BEST. Don't be sad, horrible chimera! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE (maybe)

*this is a subtle cue for you, the reader, to check out inspirimint dot com. There are a couple of other people who post there more regularly and are much better at writing about art than I am, so uh. Yeah. Go there?

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