Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goodness me, it's time for a blog post!

This post is all about BACKGROUNDS, for once. I've been somewhat remiss* about my attention to surroundings and environments for most of my artistic career: most of the time when I want a background for something I'll just haphazardly slap some trees or vague hints of vegetation wherever it seems appropriate. If I'm feeling particularly slothful, the subject of the drawing will be left idling in a plain stretch of landish stuff, with a cloud filled sky to suggest that I'm not totally phoning it in.

So I'm trying some (sorta) different stuff, for once!

This first doodle (which, by the way, is even tinier than the scan might lead you to believe) is of, believe it or not, a cockpit! It's kind of hard to tell, but there's a chair and a windshield (what the hell would you call that in space? CRUSHING BLACK VOID SHIELD?) and a dashboard of sorts. It's incomprehensible and probably completely covered in unlabeled buttons. Which I didn't draw.

NEXT UP: The pilot of the ship is mucking about in a cavern made of trash. How irresponsible! This is a start but hey, I really only have the middle and foreground plotted out. Buh.

This last one WOULD fall into the "I just drew some stupid trees" category but I really like these trees. It's also the rough drawing for a watercolor painting, which I've traced off onto a sheet of paper (directly off the computer screen) to refine before I... trace it off onto watercolor paper. It's kind of fussy about erasers!

* okay, no, I've pretty much ignored them for the most part.

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Ian Merch! said...

solar wind shield?