Saturday, March 29, 2014

brooding balsa

Spent a good chunk of the day painting this, in Manga Studio 5, again.  I'm trying to force myself to learn from each of these - in this case, I thought it'd be fun to render a couple different surface types in the rain. 

Process under the cut -

 Started off with a fairly clean sketch, set to multiply so I can paint under/over it. I generally don't concern myself with too many details in the background at this stage, since they're probably going to change later on as I'm painting.  The floating arrow helps remind me where the lighting is coming from.

Building up the basic color palette and starting to lay down shadows.

Felt the color overall was a little disjointed and gray, so I bumped up the saturation. 
Detail! With both this and the previous piece, I started the character on a separate level with a rough outline of the form.
And here it is, almost finished. Added cracks to the stones to help create a bit more visual interest.

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Cecilia said...

I want more steps! Looking good though. Glad to see your making work for yourself.